The Kit by RSM Sterling


Size: 1" x 2" x 4"  / Material: Silver Plate / Hinged Cover / Lock Button: Gold Plate / Textured Interior/ 1 Partition / Silver Plated Scoop: ¼" x ½" x 3"


Crafted in Silver Plate


The ultimate stash box. . . made in gleaming Silver Plate with a leather texture on the inside.


The partitioned interior holds the included Silver Plated Scoop in the rear compartment and your stash in the front.


The Scoop is the perfect way, to measure just the right amount of stash every time.


The automatic Gold Lock button insures that your stash is secure and fresh.


The Kit is perfect at

home, on your coffee table or desk. When travel traveling, it fits neatly into your backpack or a ladies purse.